Friday, February 20, 2009

Liver Stones / Gallstones 肝石 / 胆石

Method for Flushing Out of Liver Stones / Gallstones

My health improves steadily by the day. I disciplined myself by doing exercises regularly. Every evening except Sundays I walked and jogged at a playground for 3 Km. Perspiring helps in the removal of toxins from my body.

The above picture shows a colander holding some liver stones / gallstones which I flushed out on 10th Feb. I have been going through a series of detoxification programs.

The liver is the largest internal organ which is our main cleansing machine. There are no symptoms for our livers and gall bladders when they are infected until all sorts of sicknesses begin to prop up.

Everybody has liver stones. A dead bit of parasites might have started the stone forming. Liver stones, being porous, can pick up all the bacteria, viruses, cysts and oils and become bigger each day. When the gall bladder is bloated with stones, the stones are, in fact, big enough to be seen by an X-ray. By then it would be too late, thus an operation will be performed to get the gall bladder removed. Some may have developed into hardening of liver.

For people who suffered chronic back-pain and stomach ulcers, many of them won’t be cured until liver-stones / gallstones are flushed out from their bodies.

Prevention is better than cure. You can try this method which I did:

First five days: Normal diet but minus the oily and spicy foods. Avoid strong drinks like tea and coffee. Each day take 4 to 5 big apples, or better still, drink 4 to 5 cups (size of cup is 250 ml) of organic apple juice.

The sixth day: Light diet. No solid food after 2.00 pm. Drink 5 cups of apple juice for the day. At 6.00 pm take 250ml of warm water with one teaspoon of Epsom salt (available in pharmacies or organic food stores). At 8.00 pm repeat the same thing. It is good if you empty your bowel for one last time before 10.00 pm. (Drink more water over these 6 days.)

At 10.00 pm take half to three-quarter cup of lemon juice or 3 lemons or 1 big grapefruit and half cup of organic virgin olive oil. Go to bed and sleep by lying flat and raise your pillows higher. You must be able to sleep or else there will be fewer stones.

Apples help to soften stones; lemons and Epsom salt help to soften bile ducts; olive oil helps to activate secretion of large amount of bile for flushing out the stones.

The next morning, put a porous colander at the toilet bowl when you open the bowel. Since you had a light meal and had cleaned the bowel the day before, there will be no or little feces. Flush away the feces and the stones will remain.

When I sent out this testimony, I received some friends' encouragement. There was a Minister who wrote this, "Glad to know you are getting stronger by the day. Most pastors/ministers are in poor physical health...because they do not exercise and eat right. I do my hourly exercises 3-5 times a week." It is true. As a Minister, I hope all those who are in Ministry will enjoy good health. Live long and healthy that God's Kingdom will have enough soldiers in the battle fields.

The method should be effective. A sister told me a brother in China followed the method, he too passed out gallstones.

(Recommendation: Do a flushing twice a year.)

Allen Tan │ 17th Feb, 2009



头5天正常饮食,避免刺激性的饮食,如油腻的,辣的,茶和咖啡。每天吃4 至5粒大苹果。更好是喝4至5杯有机苹果汁(用250毫升的杯)。

第6天少吃,过了下午2时不可吃固体食物。整天喝4至5杯苹果汁。傍晚6时喝一杯温水加一茶匙泻盐(Epsom salt,药剂行或有机食品店有出售)。晚上8时重复上述的。最好晚上10时前再清肠一次。(这6天里多喝水。)





陈亚伦 │ 2009年2月17日

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