Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1982 God's Anointed Reunion - Feb 20, 2009

We had graduated from Bible Institute of Malaya (Now Bible College of Malaysia) in 1982. After almost 27 years we still could meet up with such a big attendance was a miracle. We had 18 + 6 persons. Petra came with her spouse, Simon Cheong. Lee Yun came with her spouse, Chin Sin Sui, two children, elder sister and a church member.

We had a buffet luncheon at Shogun Restaurant at 1-Utama Shopping Mall. The restaurant was having a promotional offer, i.e. buy 2 and get 1 free. Each of us only paid RM33.00.

I was the coordinator, while collecting money a little drama transpired. My wallet "was lost" and I asked around if anyone had seen it. Then Moses said it was under my armpit. There was much laughs. Then they wanted to know about my age. Ya, mockery. I was old, and James denied he was as old as I. True, he was the youngest one amongst us.

For those of you who did not join us, don't be dismayed. We will meet again 27 years later! No lah! We can meet any time though we will not get a 100% turnup.

If I could get a Win-zip software, I will send the photos to you. Meanwhile you can download them here.

I encourage you to use Mozilla Firefox for your Internet. You can zoom in and out to view the sites.

Back L-R: Henry Soo, Robert Chai, James Wong, Stephen Kong, Parry Tang, Moses Loo, Jimmy Leong, Allen Tan
Front L-R: Yong Lee Yun, Helen Yip, Linda Khoo, Helen Chan, Katherine Goh, Lisa Ng, Indranie, Fong Wai Lin, Yow Kit Yen. Not in the picture: Petra

L-R: Jimmy, Stephen, Parry, Robert, Allen James, Sin Sui, Moses, Henry

L-R: Wai Lin, Kit Yen, Lisa, Henry

L-R: Moses, Indranie, Jimmy

L-R: Lee Yun, Helen Yip, Parry, Petra

L-R: Linda, Katherine, Helen Chan

L-R: Lisa, James, Moses

L-R: Helen Chan, Petra

L-R: Parry, Helen Yip, Linda

L-R: Moses, Indranie, Jimmy

L: Lee Yun's children, R: elder sister (window), member


L-R: James, Stephen, Robert

L: Petra

R-L: Helen Yip, Lee Yun, Sin Sui, Simon

L-R: Lisa, Helen Chan

L: Wai Lin, Kit Yen, Henry

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