Friday, March 7, 2014

‘With me behind bars, PKR is stronger’, says Anwar

 | March 7, 2014
Wan AzizahPUTRAJAYA: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, 67,  told reporters today that his party would continue to be stronger even if he was imprisoned.
“Kajang will be stronger, inshaAllah. My party will be able to consolidate further because the boss is in trouble,” he laughed.
“The beauty of this is that it’s not just (about) Anwar, it’s a struggle. So you want to cut off Anwar, you put Anwar in prison, then the party, the movement becomes stronger.
“You deny Anwar the seat, and I believe inshaAllah Kajang people will fight back and I will be there everyday to campaign.”
Anwar appeared unfazed by the five year prison sentence against him, and was optimistic that the struggle for reformasi would be stronger than ever.
He said “they” had apparently not learned from the wrath of the people.
When asked if he believed he was a victim in this case, Anwar said yes.
“You can see the conduct, no reference to the facts in the law. Follow strictly the script given to you. This is a criminal trial. You mean to say it’s beyond reasonable doubt?”
He said the conduct of the judges was “pathetic” and zeroed in on Judge Aziah Ali, who he described as showing “so much venom and anger.”
“She’s not fit to be a judge to behave in that manner. There’s no decorum, the appearance of being fair, not biased,” he stressed.
He also dismissed Shafee’s comments that he was a “national threat”.
“You see the corrupt, the murderers, the rapists all in collusion, so I become the national threat,” said Anwar.

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