Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mat Sabu slams UMNO for playing religion cards

Mat Sabu comes to DAP’s defence

Humayun Kabir
 | October 10, 2012
Umno's claim that the party is out to turn Malaysia into a Christian state is preposterous, says PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu.
TAIPING: PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu lashed out at BN for fanning religious hatred among Muslims by saying that the DAP is out to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.
“It is theoretically incorrect and practically impossible for DAP to turn the nation into a Christian state as the party does not enjoy two thirds majority in Parliament.
“The constitution specifies that Islam is the religion of the Federation and Article 153 safeguards the special position of the Malays,” he told a ceramah in Simpang on Sunday.
Popularly referred to as Mat Sabu, the PAS leader pointed out that the most DAP can command is about 40 parliamentary seats out of the total 222 seats in Parliament.
He said this was a far cry from the two thirds majority of 148 MPs necessary to make amendments to the Federal Constitution for Umno BN’s preposterous claim to come true.
He said that currently, there are 136 Muslims lawmakers while 86 are non-Muslims.
In such a scenario, Mat Sabu asked the 3,000 strong crowd whether DAP can secure a mandate to make such a change. His audience responded with a vociferous ‘No’.
He said it was not DAP which was the enemy of Muslims but Umno as it uses race and religion to keep Malaysians divided for its expediency and continuous autocratic rule of the country.

Malays must change
he ceramah, Mat Sabu told FMT that Umno was initially using its controlled media to propagate that it was DAP and PAS that were working against the interests of the Muslims.
“Then later it changed tactics by alleging that DAP was collaborating with Singapore by using PAS as a puppet to take control of the country,” said an angry Mat Sabu.
He said Umno, in sheer desperation, had tried to break up the unity of the Pakatan coalition by pitting DAP against PAS but has failed miserably.
He urged the Malay community to change their mindsets and instead of taking handouts, question Umno for the draining the nation’s wealth through cronyism and corruption.
He said the Malays must discard their ‘tidak apa’ attitude and take part in the economic progress and well being of the country and urged them to support Pakatan.
He took to task Umno for using MCA to paint the wrong picture to the non Malays, especially the Chinese, that PAS was a fanatical party out to destroy their fundamental rights.
He pointed out that such BN propaganda is outdated now as his Islamic party is for all as seen by the movement of more non Malays joining the party at every PAS ceramah.
On Sunday, about 100 Indians officially joined the PAS supporters club which was witnessed by former Perak menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

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