Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysi?

Saturday, 30 April 2011 12:43

Anwar Ibrahim, the brightest talent in Umno during the 80s and 90s, is now the ruling party's Number One enemy. The bounty placed on his head by the Umno elite can be compared to that of fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden in the Western world.

For most part of the last decade and especially now, we have witnessed all scales of conspiracies, fabrication, lies, manipulation, defamation and attacks against Anwar.

The ultimate aim of the Umno elite seems to centre and revolve only around him. And of course, how to end his political career - prematurely and unnaturally.

The reasons are simple, it is because Anwar poses the biggest threat to the Umno elite - both inside and outside the party. This may sound strange since Anwar has long left Umno, in fact, since 1998 when he was sacked and thrown into jail.

But with current crop of leaders so dismal and the Najib Razak-Muhyiddin Yassin combo a shaming flop, Umno grassroots cannot be faulted for wishing for the glory days when their party stood proud and tall.

RAHMAN flipped to NAMHAR

Optimism and hope were then bursting and Anwar's Wawasan 2020 set to sweep the country and community to new heights.

Now, there are only tired and sad plots that depend only on sex and smut to rivet public attention.

If either Muhyiddin or Najib were to speak only about their policies, they can expect to draw only yawns. Because no Malaysian could ever believe they could translate their rhetoric into performance. This is what happens with tremendous loss in credibility.

So no surprises that Najib and gang are doing all they can to keep the Umno door tightly shut against Anwar and also to demonize him to the Malay community at large.

There is this famous 'belief' that all the prime ministers in Malaysia are already pre-named by the alphabets in the first prime minister's name RAHMAN.

Tunku Abdul Rahman himself was the first alphabet, followed Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak. Who will be the next prime minister then?

The return of the big A

The curious within Umno and the Malay community have already flipped the code backwards NAMHAR. 'N' is for the current Najib. But who will the 'A' be?

Many Malays believe that it is Anwar.

Now, perhaps Malaysians and foreigners will better understand the inexplicable, even mad onslaught of sexual accusations against Anwar. From sodomy and homosexuality to sex with female prostitutes and promiscuity, Najib has thrown all that he has at his political arch enemy.

Such smut must be agony for Anwar and his family, but reassuring it is for Malaysians that trumped-up sex and lust are all that Najib can try to pin onto the Opposition Leader. Not corruption, embezzlement or sheer dishonesty.

Imagine the reverse if Anwar was PM - would a warehouse be sufficient to contain all the investigation files of corruption allegations against Najib and the Umno elite?

So it is that Najib - Malaysia's 6th prime minister - is running out of 'bullets'. Only jail and sudden 'accidents' are left.

Which will it be and what will happen next, only time can tell. But make no mistake, behind the PM are men of ruthlessness deep enough for the darkest deeds. The Umno elite will do what it has to do to cling on.

It is left to the Umno grassroots and all other Malaysians to put their foot down and topple them.

Meanwhile, despite the monumental pressure, the 63-year old Anwar is bearing up well. If anything, the past years have weathered him for unbearable turmoil.

It is astonishing that he is still standing and has not U-turned from any of his stated goals to bring about racial and economic equality and justice, where the priority goes to those with the greatest needs regardless of colour.


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