Friday, May 2, 2014

10 contributions of non-Muslims to Malaysia

MAY 02, 2014
Obtuse. Dense. Ignorant. Stupid. Choose any one of these words to describe ISMA and you would be spot on.
This government-sponsored organisation yesterday argued that non-Muslims have no right to get involved in any discussion on hudud and even had the temerity to question the contributions of non-Muslims
to Malaysia.
Here are just 10:
2) Guess who gave the country of 29 million its only medals at the last Olympics in 2012:Lee Chong Wei (pic) and Pandalela Rinong.
3) Guess who is a renowned Malaysian shoe-maker whose name is a world-famous label: Jimmy Choo.
4) Who was the first Malaysian to climb to the summit of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest? M. Magendran in 1997.
5) Guess who blazed the way in competitive motorsports for Malaysia? Yoong Yin Fah in motor racing, his son Alex Yoong in F1 and Karamjit Singh in rallying.
6) Guess who is the top-ranked squash player in the world? Nicol Ann David (pic).
7) Guess who started tin-mining in the Malay peninsula that was the basis of its earlier wealth until the 1980s? The Chinese in the 1820s.
8) Guess who brought the first rubber seedlings that was also the basis of wealth in the then British Malaya in the early 1900s? H.N. Ridley.
9) Guess who directed the first Malay-language movie, 'Leila Majnun', that became the start of the Malayan and Malaysianfilm industry that ironically began in Singapore? BS Rajhans.
10) Guess who led thearchitecture and design team for the iconic Masjid Negara, Malaysia's national mosque? UK architect Howard Ashley, together with Hisham Albakri and Baharuddin Kasim. – May 2, 2014.

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